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About us

We believe in the intelligence of Robots in agriculture

We are a company specialized in the supply of Terra/Air robots for the treatment of irrigation, seeding and shading in greenhouses. Our aerial spraying systems allow you to efficiently and accurately spray all types of crops. This allows a considerable reduction of pesticides and water waste. +++For this purpose we supply the r150 robot with a pitch of 1.05 mtr. which works easily and in complete autonomy once the program has been set, which allows you to control the position and path of the treatment to be provided, with a margin of error (deviation from the programmed path) of 1cm. The system in question is based on satellite alignment. The R150 robot can be used both outdoors and inside greenhouses. It has a treatment capacity of 100 or 150 ltr. The engine is powered by two batteries which allow to obtain an autonomy of 4 hours at full load. The batteries recharge in 13 minutes. For overhead treatments we supply a number of drones, using a schedule for the treatment to be delivered, which can be arable or sprayed. The program uses satellite technology which allows targeted treatments. At the end of the product, the drone goes back to refuel and restarts from the point where it finished the treatment.

Droni e Robot per Agricoltura

Intelligent detection of the areas to be treated

Our systems allow a perimeter detection through the ground, through the satellite system. By setting the program it is possible to start the robots to work in a completely autonomous and intelligent way.

Droni e Robot per Agricoltura

Very high standard of combination in mechanical robotics and computer science

The survey allows to determine a specific delimited area by means of RTK antennas which offer the opportunity to have a precision to the centimetre..

Droni e Robot per Agricoltura

Sophisticated Mechanisms and Protection Devices

The software and integrated protection systems, such as sensors and program, make it possible to prevent any collision. Ensuring its perfect functioning

Droni e Robot per Agricoltura

RC - ACS2 Remote Controller

Each system works in perfect autonomy with a program, and in remote control mode, carrying out the operations on sight.

Droni e Robot per Agricoltura

Our systems guarantee precision treatments, savings and ecology thanks to the use of electric motors.

Improve the quality of your life. A helping hand for nature.
Droni e Robot per Agricoltura

Our Products

New products Coming Soon

Innovative intelligent ground - air agricultural robotization systems sowing and spraying. The new geolocated antennas allow you to work on the ground with extreme precision..


Easy Farmland Mapping With XIoT Field Monitor Station XIoT System

Discover the numerous devices for your productivity and high performance.


Reliable Autonomous Systems Performance and reliability will improve your work

You will never again have downtime for any activity you perform.

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