XAG P30 Agricultural drone is a type of aerial spraying system designed for plant protection. It enables every user, after a short training, to spray safely and efficiently through simple but intelligent operations. Whether on plain field, orchard, mountain, hill or terrace, the drone is capable of spraying liquid onto every needing crop with uniformity and precision. Utilising the XAG patented intelligent rotary atomising spraying system, the P series drones secures farm produce quality while protecting the environment by reducing 30% of pesticide use and 90% of water waste.

Precise Spraying, Each Droplet Counts!

XAG® iRASS, the cutting-edge Intelligent Rotary Atomisation Spraying System, enables more precise spraying. Micron level droplets are pushed and flung out from the rotary spraying disc to evenly adhere to the surface of crops. Droplets are enhanced by optimized downdraft from the system’s propellers, as such a mechanism reduces drifting significantly. The spectrum and flow rate of the atomized droplets can be easily adjusted by controlling the rotational speed of the spray disc and pump to meet different agricultural precision requirements.

Labour Saving Operation

With higher flight speed and greater spraying flow, the operation efficiency of Agricultural Drone can reach up to 14ha/hr, which is equivalent to the work of 100 farmland laborers and solving the aging problem of the rural population. One person can operate up to five Drones at the same time, thus further improving operation efficiency.

Fully Autonomous Operation, Adaptive to Diversified Scenarios

The Agricultural Drone is equipped with the 5th generation fully autonomous operation mode. By pre-setting basic flight and spraying parameters within the App, the system can operate freely over different terrain such as plain field, hill, and forest.

Precise Flight, Intelligent Sensing,a Reliable Production Tool

XAG Agricultural Drone has the latest industry-class SUPERX3 Pro RTK flight control system to achieve precise navigation at centimeter-level. It has a 360-degree omnidirectional radar perception system and can automatically avoid potential obstacles. Flight safety is further ensured with multiple redundancy systems, AI fault prediction,

Prescription Map Operation Powered by XAI

The powerful XAI Agriculture Intelligence, combined with farmland geographic information and operation prescription maps, farmers can “spray only where it needs”.

Upgraded Protection, Sturdy and Durable

Reliability is fundamental to an agricultural production apparatus. The P Series AGRICULTURAL DRONE has obtained high overall structural strength by adopting advanced materials and manufacturing technology. The pioneering design of "Roll Cage" and the innovative "Tri-segment Impact Absorbance" structure can significantly reduce the risk of damage to the cabin and core components, preventing farmland from being polluted by the accidental dropping of chemical tanks or batteries, thus further ensuring operational safety. It is designed to guarantee an integral protection level of IP67, being waterproof and flush safe.

Modular Design, Easy Maintenance

Smart Tank, Weighs Itself

The 2nd generation Smart Liquid Tank is connected with a drone via Bluetooth to display a real time amount of remaining fluid, accurately calculating the flow without a flow meter.

Auto Refilling, Safe and Fast

ALR5 Liquid Refiller automatically and accurately fills the required amount of liquid based on cloud task data. It reduces risks of chemical exposure by avoiding direct contact between operators and chemicals, which is safe and environmentally protective

​Multiple Charging Solutions, Bye to Low Battery Anxiety

New B12620/B12800 Smart Battery for rapid-charging: It is a 12-cell high-density li-po battery with a capacity of 620Wh/800Wh with self-balancing function powered by XBMS intelligent power management system. Self-preheating in cold environments further ensures safe operation.

Intelligent Rapid Charger

Brand new CM21500 smart rapid charger can manage to charge two smart batteries concurrently. In a single charging, it only takes 25/30 minutes to fully charge a B12620/B12800 Smart Battery. The onboard XBMS provides multiple charge protection.

Various Control Devices, Flexible for Collaborative Operations

The innovative add-on design of ACB1 CommBack subverts the operational tradition of plant protection drone. To carry out autonomous plant operations, all you need to do is connect ACB1 to your smartphone and download Android/iOS Apps to utilise it.

The revolutionary ACS1 ControlStick will also push the boundary of plant protection drone. Simpler interface and easier operation, users can start working immediately with little training.

Cloud Platform Supervision, Safe and Reliable

XAG Flight Information System (XFIS) is a visualised platform for flight and operation information. It supports geo-fencing, no-fly zone self-check and remote locking function in line with the safety requirements of civil aviation, featuring easy management solution with comprehensive tracking of operation records of team members, equipment maintenance status, etc.

Consumer Policy - Unauthorized XAG Dealers

To ensure the highest quality of XAG Products, including XP2020, P30, P20, P10, XMission, and R150. XAG is dedicated to providing the best customer support through a trusted network of authorized distributors and dealers, and strongly advises the customer to purchase from the local authorized distributor and to be aware of the possible risks that may result from purchasing products outside the countries where it is originally sold or through unverified dealers

There are unauthorized dealers that advertise and sell XAG products. These products may be deactivated and not operatable. XAG cannot guarantee the quality or effectiveness of such products and as such, these products are not covered by XAG’s warranty.

Please note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a marketplace site, hosted by companies such as Taobao, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and similar marketplaces. When purchasing on these marketplace sites, you should always confirm that the reseller is an authorized XAG dealer.

It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the retailer you purchase from is an authorized XAG dealer. To verify that a dealer is authorized, please contact info@xa.com for information.